Saturday, June 4, 2016

Spreading Like Butter

Screw Cancer!! 

You heard right, screw CANCER! After my recent doctors appointment, I found that it has spread to my breast (again), chest, neck, collar bone, and axilla. But here's what's going to happen, I'm going to be happy and keep living my life as if nothing is wrong. I'm not going to give cancer the satisfaction of knowing it has brought me down or caused me to be depressed. This time around will be different, this time I'm fearless.

Psalms 91:3

The Lord will keep you safe from secret traps and deadly diseases. He will spread His wings over you and keep you secure.

I will, however, share my treatment plan; In case anyone is going through the same thing. I have started a chemo pill called Xeloda, and will receive IV chemo soon. As far as I know, I might also need surgery and/or radiation; but it depends. I will keep a record of all side effects and such as they come.