Tuesday, May 31, 2016

PET Scan Day




It was PET Scan day! The only reason I looked forward to this scan is because I'm getting closer to knowing what the treatment plan will be. There's nothing worse than not knowing what the future looks like, especially when dealing with cancer. 

The entire biopsy results came in, apparently it is not a cancer recurrence. The receptors are negative this time, which means there's a possibility I can just do a pill treatment; fingers crossed! However, this means all the testing I did last year, MRI included, never picked up the different cancer. It's difficult to believe how these huge expensive machines, and intense treatments can miss cancer cells. But there's no point in dwelling on the "Why". 

I'm choosing to see the bright side in all of this, and one of the people that always makes me feel better is my husband. Coming home after a long day of painful finger pricks and injections, and seeing his notes on our white board melts my heart. That alone motivates me to fight for my life, harder than ever before. 

Now we wait, until next week...