Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Time Has Arrived!!

Its smells and looks like Christmas at the Sauer's! Our tree is up and the bunnies' hutch is decorated, and that alone makes me so happy!! This year the hubby and I aren't doing presents, instead we decided to do a nice fancy dinner for 2. This season can become very materialistic, let's be honest if you can afford it that's great! But we have the best gift of them all, 7 baby bunnies. Each one with its own personality, quirk and cuteness. I can't imagine not having them in our lives, our family wouldn't be complete. They are the best presents ever!   

Always remember to cherish the time spent with your family and loved ones, because material gifts can be replaced but family cannot. 




Happy Holidays!!! 

From My Bunny Family To Yours!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thanksgiving All Year Long

Thanksgiving Day...the one day a year EVERYONE is grateful. 

Not me. I might not vocalize it to my husband or family on a daily basis, (because let's face it, it can get repetitive and not meaningful) but I am thankful to have such an amazing army of people in my life. My husband is one of the toughest men I know. He's the one that wipes my tears away, and forces me to keep my head up. My family are my rock, the ones who keep my Faith strong and Hope alive regardless of the circumstances.

I'm thankful every day I wake up and catch a breathe of air, I know I'm blessed with another 24 hours of this life. Another day to enjoy the little things in life, my bunnies' kisses, my pups' licks and watching him get super excited to see me. Every day I get home to my husband waiting for me on the couch and see our bunnies running around everywhere. Watching my hair grow, very  s l o w l y. I find joy in everything. 

That's what cancer did to me, and for that I am thankful.        


Friday, November 6, 2015

Georgia On My Mind

I absolutely fell in LOVE with Georgia, mostly because it was very obvious we are now in Fall season. All the trees were changing colors and the weather was nice and chilly, unlike California with our 90 degree weather in October. Everything looked very picturesque and surreal, I never knew such natural beauty existed. Georgia holds many hidden treasures, you can find creeks and rivers tucked away behind homes and trees just about anywhere! Even the city is wrapped around forest!! Life in Georgia seems so much more peaceful and calm compared to California. Maybe one day I can own a brick house of my own with a bunny farm, but until then I will continue to live my crazy hectic life in LA.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sharing My Cancer Story

The biggest satisfaction out of fighting cancer is being able to share my story with people. I was fortunate enough to be given the privilege to speak at church. In a strange way I felt liberated. 98% of the congregation had no idea what I had gone through. It was really empowering when people came up to me and said they had no idea I fought cancer, or the fact that I never "looked sick." I made it my personal goal to hide my cancer, but being up in front of a crowed I wanted to be raw and open about my experience. At one point I broke down and cried on stage, for someone who isn't open with their feelings, this was huge!

Although this was my first speaking engagement, I definitely feel a calling to do bigger things within the breast cancer world. I intend to make women going through this pain feel the slightest bit of relief to know that I walked down the same exact path and made it through okay.

It will be okay.

Monday, August 17, 2015


I am officially CANCER FREE!!!!! I could not be any more excited! I had been waiting to call myself a Survivor, I feel like I have earned that title now. In a way I am so relieved this is over, but I somehow feel bummed out it has come to an end. It's so weird how my life has changed in the past 8 months. Being back at work now makes me realize that life keeps moving; with or without me, it keeps going. I've come to the conclusion that I need to dream BIG, and go for it. I was given a second chance at life for a reason, and I choose to be happy and try to inspire others. I'm not sure what my calling in life is but I know it will be amazing. My future holds many great things, and I am more than ready to start living again.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Car Show At An Airport

This is my first non-cancer related post. I must remember that cancer is not my whole life, it's only part of it. While I happen to be a cancer survivor, I need to pick my life up where I left off prior to this journey. One of my favorite things to do is attend car shows. There's something amazing about classic cars, there's a history to them. I feel like I escape from present day to a simpler era, where technology did not run the world and humans where forced to make contact.  

I still believe I was born in the wrong generation; I hate social media, hate todays fashion, and hate current mainstream music. I love to escape to Edith Piaf music and pretend I am in Paris in the 1940's. Sometimes I even go further back to 1920's jams and let my imagination run wild. 

Then I realize maybe I should enjoy the present, because someone in the far future will be sitting there thinking the same thought about this century; wishing they could've been alive in the 2000's. I look around and say to myself, "Nope, today sucks."